Our Demo TDM Dividend Software License currently offers a 45 day free trial.  Please take advantage of it.  Due to the nature of piracy, once you input the license into the TDM dividend software, no refunds can be granted.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

PRO license gains you access to the software. You will also receive free updates for one year from the date of purchase along with any new software upgrades.  You also receive free email support.  After your license expires, your license becomes a light license (described below) .  Remember, your purchase may be tax-deductible as an investment expense -- always consult your accountant for tax-related questions.


 (includes 5% limited time discount)
Renews and extends your PRO expiration date by one year.  You will be entitled to an additional year of software upgrades and/or updates. A PRO renewal is ONLY available to clients who have previously purchased the full price license. Remember, your purchase may be tax-deductible as an investment expense -- always consult your accountant for tax-related questions.


 (Requires active serial #)

Once your PRO license has expired, you become a light license holder, you're entitled to continue using your current version for so long as the program continues to function.  TDM software requires data collection from various sources via the Internet.  From time to time, these 3rd party data sources change (out of our hands) and require TDM updates to re-obtain this valuable online data. This then allows TDM to continue functioning as desired.  For this reason, we suggest a PRO renewal license so that you may continue to receive software updates that correct any issues that arise, and receive additional features that are added to the software.

A Demo license allows you time to utilize unrestricted full features of the software for a trial period of time. Once your demo expires, the software is unusable. You will need to purchase a PRO license for continued use of the software.

TDM Testimonial

TDM is the absolute best dividend tracking software available today. I can track any number of metrics that I want, always know what my APY on each stock, and on my portfolio is, can see immediately when a stock increases/decreases dividends, and always know what my monthly dividend payouts will be.

As wonderful as the software is, the support is even better. This is support like I’ve seen nowhere else, literally. Extremely responsive, always. Most places say “we’ll return your email within 24 hours” and they get back to you within 48. With TDM it’s more like 24 to 48 MINUTES. And the support has been phenomenal; willing to change anything needed, and does it quickly!

Mike Cleveland



TDM Fact Sheet

Whats your return?  TDM keeps track of your dividend APY per stock and portfolio. 

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